Hurt, Shame and Anger

What a cycle of shit that has become! I don’t know where one ends and the other begins. I’m guessing, for me, it’s anger first. My mind doesn’t know what to do with anger, because I’ve always told myself, “Anger is bad, you can’t be angry.” So I move quickly into feeling hurt; I don’t like feeling hurt, it’s powerless and overwhelming. That is followed by shame; shame sneaks up on me and says, “I am bad because I got mad and now I feel hurt.” The trio, working together, takes me out! I find myself struggling to stay present most of the time.

This cycle started Friday after my therapy and I can’t seem to shake it after 4 days. Ugh! I want to “go away inside” and hide from the world. Let another part take over- they seem to be better at this shit than me! I feel so immature with these feelings. I hate that, more than I’d like to admit.


6 thoughts on “Hurt, Shame and Anger

  1. These feelings can feel overwhelming but I’ve been told they can’t kill us. You can face these emotions. You can feel them. They won’t overtake you. I am writing these things because I desperately need to hear them too. You are a strong woman. Try to sit in the emotions as long as you can then maybe take a break. Remember too that God gave you the emotion of anger so its not wrong to feel.

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