In Pain

And that sucks!

12 thoughts on “In Pain

    1. Not the greatest-obviously. Been to therapy everyday but Monday. The body memories are so bad I’ve been in bed w pain. I get up go to therapy, feels less painful, and go back to bed. Today more progress; hoping tomm will be the same, and then again Friday! How are you??

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      1. Ah, I’m sorry to hear you are having such a rough week. Seems like you’ve been in a particularly rough patch for a few weeks now. I’m also having a difficult week. If you would still like to read my blog I’d love for you to – you can click on the page where it prompts you to request access and I will of course grant you access. Your name “didandme12” will pop up and I will know it is you. I switched it to private because I accidentally published a post that was only meant for my therapist, and then felt suddenly uncomfortable with continuing to post publicly. But I want to continue the relationships on here I have already established, you being one of them. Take good care.

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      2. Thank you so much! I am honored. I was wondering what happened, I hadn’t seen your posts. Hoping you are feeling some resolve about the blog. Look forward to reading your posts. I, too, am sorry you’re having a rough time. Keep fighting, you are worth it!

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      3. I do feel better, thank you. I appreciate your support. Hope you’re having somewhat of a restful weekend, know its been a hard road lately. Hang in there yourself 🙂

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