Checking in for today

Good morning fellow bloggers!  Thought I would check in, don’t really have a topic to share.  I’m sure as I type, something will come to me, right? One of the joys of DID is that we are never without something to say…lol!

748537How about you give me some input on why my small Christmas tree, I’ve set aside for my little’s, is still sitting in the same place without lights or decorations??  The plan was to go to Hobby Lobby, let them all choose an ornament, then decorate their tree…sounds easy, right?  So, why haven’t I done anything with it yet?  I went to Hobby Lobby Saturday, spent 4 hours (apparently) and came home with nothing!  Talk about lost time-geesh!

Now on Tuesday, I was able to cut out and bake Christmas cookies, decorate them aIMG_2613nd allow all the little ones to choose their cookies, colors, and sprinkles.  We had a great time, and they made special ones for my husband, kids, and our therapist.  There isn’t anything better than homemade cut-out cookies with melt-in-your-mouth icing (of all different colors).  I think this was the first year I had to create purple icing, and that was for Mary.  She loves purple.

brown-and-gold-Christmas-Tree-decor….back to my tree dilemma.  I want them to have this tree and individual ornaments, but something is blocking the path for me.  I know it has to do with not being able to put my own ornaments on the tree growing up, because our tree had to be “pretty”.  White lights, gold or burgundy bulbs, fancy things stuck randomly in the tree (I guess the designers said so), and all the wrapping paper on the packages had to match the tree too.


When I had my own family, it wasn’t long before my mom “suggested” we do that same thing in our remodeled Victorian home.  “It would look nicer”, she said. Now all my decorations are from her decorator and I have one box left of my own things.  These things are precious to me, because it includes my husbands childhood ornaments, mine, our boys, and things we have accumulated together.

I guess I need to go for it!  Start with the lights and see what happens….



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