Stranger things have happened…

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Love to Ride

Yesterday, my friend and I decided to go for a bike ride.  We have been riding the trails along the river, and have enjoyed to scenery, each other’s company, and exercise.  The path is between 25-30 miles and we have done it about 3x.  We put our running shoes up for the day, headed to the boat house, and geared up for the 2 hour cycling journey.

The ride was awesome, weather was around 57 degrees, light wind off the water, and the sun shining brilliantly.  What I love about running and riding, is kind of like what they say about Las Vegas…”what happens on the road, stays on the road”.  Which simply means, it is a place to vent, cry, get angry, cuss, whatever you need to do.  But there is no judgment or shame attached to what you need to get out and what you say, stays on the road.

Having friends who are safe people in my life, is such a blessing from God. I could not be on this journey without them, my husband and sons.  They understand when we need to be alone, cry, switch, laugh, scream, run, complain about having DID, or even listen while you attempt to tell them you no longer have DID (can I get a WITNESS).

As we were arriving back at the boat house, 50 yards from our vehicle, I was looking out across the river, taking in the boats, when suddenly I found myself laying on the ground-still clipped into my pedals.  I don’t know what happened, as I had blacked out and drove off the curb.  I made no sound, as I went down, almost like it was slow motion.  My friend watch from her peripheral view, but couldn’t make out what was spoken prior or how it all happened.  I am unable to recall what took place after seeing an empty boat along the shore.

I’m sure in the next few days, usually in my sleep, something will spark my memory. For some reason, all my parts seem to share during the night. Probably why I get such little sleep!  Anyway, the left side of my body is extremely sore today.  It did, however, make it difficult to sleep last night.  I look forward to what will be revealed as the days/nights go on.  Even so, with all that happened, it was an incredible afternoon.




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